Found in the Dragon’s Den

Posted on 27/07/07 | in play

I think what really makes me happiest is that I got Evan Davies to say “the viscera of kittens”. Back to the day job now.

10 Comments on “Found in the Dragon’s Den”

  1. infinitarian Says:

    That’s utterly marvellous. (Incidentally, though, the link to the whole thing from is broken.)

  2. hatmandu Says:

    Ta! (The link is fine, though – must have been a glitch.)

  3. infinitarian Says:

    Erm, when I click on it in Firefox I get linked to (rather than “”, which does work), and a “404 not found”.

    I’m talking about yesterday’s one, with the text “here’s how I imagine Will Self would write a Harry Potter story”.

    Perhaps this really is just me, though.

  4. hatmandu Says:

    Dude, you’re quite right – thanks! Fixed! (Which probably means the RSS feed will now flush everything to LiveJournal again…)

  5. bluedevi Says:

    Huzzah! Congratulations.

    Loved the voice, btw.

  6. hatmandu Says:

    ta! (I’m afraid I don’t think we can make your gathering of good hope tonight, alas – but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!)

  7. bluedevi Says:

    I thank you.

  8. the_sybil Says:

    congratulations on your achievement!

  9. hatmandu Says:

    Thanks m’dear – all pretty daft, really.

  10. vigornian Says:

    Good stuff! I wonder how Will Self felt.

    I think in honour of this rather splendid achievement you should now be known to all as “Listener Andrew Chapman”.