Three steps to heaven

Posted on 14/03/08 | in play, work

Somewhere on the web today a young graphic designer ranted about how they hate their clients and the work they have to do for them, and wanted to know how to earn money by doing things they love and respect (they had a startlingly high opinion of their own skills). Someone responded with Hugh McLeod’s wise Sex and Cash theory. Today I give you a restatement of this in the form of…

Hat’s Three-Step Plan for Fulfilment
1. Do things you don’t like for money.
2. Do things you like for free.
3. On the occasions when you get money for doing something you like, count yourself lucky.

Anyway, I’m off to the pub for lunch now.

4 Comments on “Three steps to heaven”

  1. lisekit Says:

    I no can has cash? Oh noes!

  2. invisiblechoir Says:

    Get out of the pub and get some work done, slacker.

  3. hatmandu Says:

    I’m back now! Hic!

  4. invisiblechoir Says:

    Yeah but I’ve been back ages and done loads of work.