@clueaday weekly updates for 2009-10-16

Posted on 16/10/09 | in twitter

  • via @purserhallard: By degree, racist mimic attributes poor weather to Japanese (9). #
  • via @purserhallard: @miche Yeah… #
  • via @miche: Think it's gravy at first, then brown soup (12). #
  • Three answers already in for @miche's clue, from @gau3, @kusasi and @serafinowicz #
  • via @MarkSTaylor: Fossil fuel user and another’s gagging order – zero way out for dodgy legal firm (6,4) #trafigura via @apisclues #
  • While tweets remain erratic here at @clueaday, check out @apisclues for weekly themed sets! #

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