@clueaday weekly updates for 2009-11-27

Posted on 27/11/09 | in twitter

  • via @natamac: beat my iq score!!. go here; http://iqchallenqinq.info #
  • Hello, @hatmandu here. I'm resuscitating @clueaday, and some new clues will come over the next few days. If you want to contribute, pls DM! #
  • A melting, disintegrating tissue (8) #
  • If you have an answer, please @ reply. To send in your own clues, please DM. Thanks! #
  • Correct answers already from @miche, @richneville and @aramintatwittin #
  • Nice find on the web – Stephen Sondheim's crossword puzzles http://qurl.com/9pbh2 #
  • "To call the composer of a crossword an author may seem to be dignifying a gnat…" (Stephen Sondheim; continues) #
  • "But clues in a cryptic crossword have many characteristics of a literary manner: cleverness, humour, even a pseudo-aphoristic grace." -SS #

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