@clueaday weekly updates for 2009-12-11

Posted on 11/12/09 | in twitter

  • From @joniconix: To void the yearbook, remove an item from it. (5) #
  • From miche: Misbehaving clubber, or git, sowed confusion (5,5). #
  • .@clueaday will be back with more clues next week (am skipping the weekend!) #
  • Answers from this week (Mon-Thurs): NAKED, IMMORAL, TRACTOR, HOT POTATO. #
  • Winners include: @miche @jetkaye @davidtylerpozz @sriks7 @addedentry @aramintatwittin @zoeramsden #
  • Last Friday's answers were TIGER WOODS and ANNUL. More clues soon… #
  • From @joniconix: Ruin the chance of a small drink of tea, say? (7) Yesterday: LUCID #

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