Headline and title phrase helper

Are you a writer looking for inspiration? This phrase generator can help authors, journalists, sub-editors, copywriters and songwriters to come up with headline and title ideas. It searches a database of more than 100,000 phrases and existing titles.(See the notes below for background information.)

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The phrase generator uses a specially filtered subset of the Wiktionary database for standard phrases, plus a private database of book, film and music album titles. In total more than 115,000 phrases and titles are searched. Compare this with only 15,000 phrases available at the Phrasefinder site (which charges at least £28 a year) and only 1900 at the free Findaphrase site (correct at July 2008)!

Use the ‘include two-word phrase’ option to give you (generally) loads more results; or the ‘exact word’ option to reduce the number of results by ignoring stems (ie the search word plus ‘ing’, ‘ed’ etc).