The Sentimentalist – a Twitter sentiment analyser

Sentiment analysis is all the rage, with many tools out there processing tweets to assess whether they are ‘positive’ or ‘negative’. One of the leading ones is Twitter Sentiment. I used the same training data as that one to create a vastly simplified method for assessing the sentiment of tweets with a tiny number of key terms, but still retaining a reasonable level of accuracy. And here it is… Enter a term in the same way you’d use the Twitter search field – eg you could enter the name of a prominent politician to find out how popular or unpopular they are. This tool also shows you how many tweets per hour are written on the chosen subject, as a general index of current interest.

Your Twitter search query: (reads up to 500 tweets)

(eg from:brainpicker for tweets from a specific user; #eprdctn for a specific hashtag; climate change for specific terms – full guide here)